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ProEstetica Medical SPA

ProEstetica Medical SPA is a Dermatology, Laser Permanent hair removal, Body shaping, Fitness  and professional Aestetic Center. ProEstetica Medical SPA  is part of The ProEstetica Group (Doctors Dana Jianu and Stefan Jianu).

Why Medical SPA?
Because all treatments are much more complex than the ones offered in relaxation and water therapy SPA Center, taking place under the watchful eye of a professional team: doctors, kineto-therapists, masseurs and estheticians.

ProEstetica, already well-known as one of the best Plastic surgery Clinics in the country, extended its area of activity through SPA centers (, ). The first one is located right in the Clinic and it meets the demands of the clients, both pre and post- surgery, but also to those who don’t need it or don’t have the courage to undergo such surgeries. This new concept addresses women and men, young people and adults. A special place is taken by the Pilates programs for the physical preparation of a pregnant woman and for body reshaping for new mothers.

The Medical SPA- ProEstetica offers professional solutions inside a modern Clinic, by strictly medical counseling in the following areas: body reshaping and anti-cellulite treatments with a personal therapist throughout the entire process , reflexology and massage, aesthetics and permanent make-up and  medical tattoos, Dermatology : Consultations,Laser hair removal and IPL, Botulinum toxin and Lips augmentation.

Balance gives us power to work and energy to fulfill our dreams. Beauty is an important part of this whole and makes us optimists, full of life. We receive health and beauty since the moment we’re born. It is our duty to treasure them, so they can serve us a longer time. You can count on us, ProEstetica  Medical SPA to do the change you want!

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ProEstetica Medical Spa- Et. 4 ,
Str. Tudor Stefan 38-40   
Tel.programari:   0731. 120 142;  021.230 59 20

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